About Us

Some of you guys will already know us through The Jellie Diary, our IVF baby vlog initially run via My Baba, the brilliant UK parenting website, and some of you will be new to us.

Jamie & Ellie

For those of you we haven’t met yet, welcome! Jellie is a portmanteau of Jamie and Ellie. We’re just a regular, ordinary couple that got entirely fed up with trying and failing to conceive, depressed with our ‘unexplained fertility’ label,┬ábored of boring our friends and family about it, and farked off with the taboo and the hush-hush nature of it all.

We set out to break the silence, get some answers, and ultimately have a baby. Our first vlog launched on My Baba.com’s social media platforms back in August 2016, coinciding with our first appointment at our chosen clinic. Along the way our lovely, supportive, and warm following has grown – our pregnancy test vlog hosted on My Baba’s Facebook page has over 43k views to-date, hundreds of comments, and many virtual and real tears, ours included. Our baby is a year old, and we’re now in the middle of our second IVF cycle in the hope of adding to our family.

Join us on Facebook

Please come and join us on Facebook if you feel brave enough. Join our support groups attached to the Facebook page. Our main group, IVF: A Place to Talk is full of inspiring, warm and friendly women supporting each other in their journey to conceive.┬áThere are new regional groups that will take some time to populate, but do find your county’s group and join. I hope in time it will be a free way of meeting people in your area going through a similar journey.

Ellie x