Can Hypnosis REALLY Help Me Get Pregnant Naturally?

hypnosis and pregnancy

I’ve been a huge fan of hypnosis, and hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner Meira Shore for many years now. Back in 2011, my severe bruxism (teeth grinding due to stress) had escalated so severely, I was on prescription painkillers after being passed back and forwards between dentist and doctor for months to no avail. MRI scans revealed my jaw joint was literally grinding itself away. I had to do something else to stop the nightly grind.

I was skeptical, but I was desperate, and willing to try anything. I went along to see Meira who treated me for both stress and bruxism, and within a month of treatment, the pain had eased, I came off the amitriptyline, and I haven’t looked back since. 

I went back to seek Meira’s help during our 2016 IVF treatment. My only regret is that I wish I had seen her sooner for our fertility issues. I can’t recommend hypnosis enough. Meira kindly agreed to write us an article on hypnosis and how it can help couples conceive naturally, and how it supports the IVF process. I can’t recommend hypnosis enough. 

Hypnosis is a way of getting through to the unconscious mind — it can help ease all types of problems, like anxiety and stress which are also linked to problems with fertility.

Emotions affect your fertility

The truth is that your emotions affect your fertility. Stress, anxiety and worrying can lead to failed attempts. No matter how well your timing is, negative thoughts can create a hostile environment, which doesn’t let your body be ready for pregnancy. The biological clock continues to tick and it just makes it harder. The cycle is never-ending unless you are willing to do something about lowering your level of stress.

Sometimes there are medical reasons for being unable to conceive but this isn’t always the case.

You may hear that people who say it is the very last attempt find out they are pregnant and go on to have healthy babies. This is because their body is finally in a relaxed place to accept the conception. Hypnosis can help get your body ready, without you deciding that it is your last attempt.

Using hypnosis to get pregnant works and also helps women who have undergone IVF in the past and failed. It works by getting you mentally, emotionally and physically ready for conceiving a baby. It works on your unconscious, so you no longer feel anxious about the next attempt and the emotions won’t affect your hormone levels in a negative way. Stress is one of the biggest problems for fertility and hypnosis can help to lower those levels of stress and anxiety.

The science behind hypnosis

There have been scientific tests into finding out whether hypnosis for fertility actually works. One study showed that the hormone Prolactin is lowered through hypnotherapy. This hormone suppresses ovulation, which means that you may get your timing wrong and miss the window of opportunity. By lowering that hormone, ovulation happens as it should and that window of opportunity is where it should be.

During hypnosis I take people on a tour of their own reproductive systems. This helps the people understand more about their system and how conception works. It also helps to check for any problems. Often, the problem is a mental block — there is no medical reason for the woman to not be able to conceive. The mental block comes from that biological ticking clock getting louder.

Some women believe that there are no eggs in their ovaries or they’re too big to fit through the tubes. These are blocks and aren’t actually real. The whole point of hypnosis is to get that thought out of the woman’s mind and replace it with the positive thoughts that conception can happen.

Hypnosis will help to lower your hormonal and emotional levels, so you increase the chance of getting pregnant.

It can also be used alongside IVF treatment. It helps to clear the mental blocks that cause infertility problems, especially in later years.

Meira Shore
DHP Acc. Hyp, MSNLP,
Member of PHPA

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