JelliePod: The NEW Podcast Is Now LIVE!

JelliePod: The NEW Podcast Is Now LIVE!

Where Were You When I Ovulated? 

Welcome to our new fertility podcast! Yes, the wait is over, the first episode of the brand new Jellie podcast, the #JelliePod is NOW LIVE! You can stream it via Apple Podcasts (once it’s been approved!), Amazon Music, Spotify and Acast NOW for FREE! Just search ‘jelliepod’ or click one of these links to take you straight there:


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In our first ep, we talk about how we’ve finally decided to move on with a third frozen cycle this summer, where we’ve got to so far preparing for that, (Jamie thinks we’ve been trying, we’ve not been trying) and also what’s in store in episodes to come. 

We’re really hoping a big part of the show will be filled by you – our guests, and your stories, so if you’d like to come on and talk about your IVF/TTC/fertility journey, please drop me a DM on Insta, or email me 

Please please have a listen and give us a good rating too – we have no expectations of how many listeners we’ll get, but we’re hoping you’ll join us to share the laughs, the lows and the love. 

Thank you 

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